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“Stop the Madness!! – My Thoughts on the Current State of the Fam” – by Kim Rodman

Let me start by saying that I am opposed to the idea of a Prince hologram; and I am certainly not overly-enthused by the “duet” performed during the Superbowl Halftime Show.   And this is not about Justin Timberlake – whom I will neither criticize nor defend here – at all. This weekend we all witnessed

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“My Paisley Park Experience” – by Kim Rodman

DISCLAIMER:  This is my review of my experience at Paisley Park.  I speak to the forward-facing piece of the organization only.  I do not speak to the performance or qualifications of Graceland Holdings.  I do not offer an opinion on behalf of anyone else.   For thirty years I have dreamed of visiting Paisley Park. 

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Review: The Revolution in Madison, WI – May 12, 2017 – by Gee Malone

The Revolution in Madison, WI. Here are some of my impressions from the show [May 12, 2017].  It was indeed a beautiful night! *The spacing on the stage left open the spot in the center where Prince always stood.  Reminds me of the missing man formation that the Air Force and Navy pilots display when

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