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Prince Rogers Nelson: The Greatest Recording Artist of All Time – by Gee Malone

The different facets of his artistry may be debated. For instance, we can argue the guitar-playing, but only with Hendrix. We can argue the songwriting with maybe a few like a Joni Mitchell. We can argue the piano/keyboard/synthesizer with, say, like a Stevie Wonder. We can argue the showmanship with, say. like a James Brown.

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“Sonnet of the Sculptor – a tribute in verse to the Life and Legacy of Prince Rogers Nelson” – by Tracy Jones

It once pleased the Lord to forge and create a Sculptor, hands second only to His own; an artist whose art was tied fast to his fate, a maker, a fashioner, a worker in stone. In coldness this babe of a strangeness astounding grew seeking a teacher and arms to embrace. All he found was

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