Spotlight On: SJ



Bio:  Born and raised in Arizona and single mother to an incredible 6 year old boy.  Most call me SJ but occasionally I respond to Sara-Jean, my real name.
Recently rediscovered my passion in the arts 2 years ago after picking up a paint brush for the very first time (outside of grade school).  I started with watercolor, then acrylics, oils, pencils and even tattoo pigments. Now, I focus primarily on realism but tend to pack as much color into any project I get my hands on.  Currently I am working my way towards establishing a career in the tattoo industry while picking up custom commissioned work on the side.
More often than not my inspiration comes from the beauty in the world around me and of course, my son.  I want to show him that it’s possible to follow your passions with hard work, dedication and a bit of sacrifice.  I feel, that if I want to give him the best version of myself to look up to, then I need to stay true to who I am.
The genuine feeling of appreciation I have for everyone that supports me is unmatched. I can feel the love, support and encouragement which goes directly back into my work. Thank you so much for everything.





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