Spotlight On: Lucy Cruz


What can one say about themselves without sounding arrogant? My given name is Luz E. Cruz. My first name and middle initial when said together sound out the word “Lucy” so I’ve always been known as Lucy. I am an Outspoken Introvert & Artist. My primary media is digital drawing/digital art.  Resonance Of The Universe is an online art gallery created to display my artwork. The title of my online art gallery is deeply sentimental to me, and this is my method of resonating my energy into the universe.

I’m skilled in both physical and digital art. I’ve been creating art for as long as I can remember. I began my professional career as an artist at just 15 years old when I was chosen to create a 4-wall mural at my local high school in collaboration with 2 other artists. Unfortunately, the principal did not take a liking to our subject, Environmental Destruction, and had the mural painted over after only 1 year of it being displayed.

I have worked inside the professional printing industry, having created everything from clipart to logos to large format artwork and murals. I have also completed several commissioned works throughout my now 28 years of being a professional artist.

Most recently, I have worked and collaborated with Steve Parke and have created artwork for Purple Philanthropy, Yes We Code, Sheila E. and Jill Jones.

I always work with and am inspired by music.  Without music, art and imagination, we suffer mental decay. I play the violin, guitar and bass guitar. Music has always been an integral part of my life and I can sincerely say without music I cannot function.

I have also begun creating artistic tributes to my dear friend, Prince Rogers Nelson. I first met Prince in 1991 in Chicago, Illinois. Our first encounter was serendipitous, and that day he left his mark on one of my drawings that I still have to this day.

We kept in touch throughout our 25 year friendship. The last time I met up with him was in 2013 at the SxSW Festival in Austin, Texas. His passing impacted me very deeply and to cope with this tremendous loss, I drew loving tributes to honor my friend. You can find my Prince Tribute art as well as my other artistic expressions at the following link:

I was working on an art book which would have provided anecdotes about our time together, however the estate has been clear about not allowing the use of Prince’s name, likeness, symbols and pretty much anything related to the man. So until I am allowed to distribute my art and stories without fear of criminal charges and/or civil suit by Comerica Bank & Trust (aka “the estate”), the project has been shelved.

Thank you for reading. Stay Positive and I hope all is beautiful in your little corner of the Universe.


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5 comments on “Spotlight On: Lucy Cruz”

  1. I am sorry for the loss of a talented artist. I believe you found your way home and are laughing with Prince as I write this. Your family and friends are in my prayers. 💜


  2. Lucy, I know you and Prince are having a blast playing music in heaven now together. I hope your family find comfort in knowing that you are with the love of your life now, and you can draw as many pictures of Prince as you want to without anyone telling you that you cannot. You are definitely in the arms of the greatest man who ever lived on the Earth and who was waiting for you at Heaven’s gate when you entered there.


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