“My Favorite Prince Album” – by Christy Cleroux

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My understandable Love and Awe for Prince, his magnificent presence in his music and myself and the remarkable difference he has made in our world is unprecedented and immeasurable.  I have had the hardest time trying to fathom the question of what is “My Favorite Prince Album,” let alone trying to put it down into words.  I have heard every one of them and they all contain something that awakens the immense carnal hunger and Love I have in my soul.

My first encounter of Prince was in the early 80’s when I was a lively eccentric girl in Love with Love and music (a trait I know I share with Prince).  His Purple Rain album and his 1999 album were in my possession at 12 years old, however… in reality, it was actually ME that was in HIS possession… immediately upon hearing and seeing this strange tiny perfect little musical human being.

I have many favorites of Prince’s albums, and just to name a few… Controversy, 3121, 1999, One Nite Alone, and Come, stick out at this particular moment of writing.  All have exceptional songs I know by heart and hold much personal meaning for me; however, I will choose two albums as my favorite Prince album.

The first is Purple Rain – a tangible delight of an album.  The Purple Rain album and, well, the ‘movement’ really… was a timeless untouchable Masterpiece.  It’s not so much about the songs of it, although I love them all.  No… really, it’s about the connection that was made with him that has lasted and still forever will.  The fact that I was Blessed and charmed to have witnessed his final tour performance of this 4ever iconic album in my hometown of Miami on April 7th, 1985, is sometimes mindboggling to me and from there it became a frozen time capsule of which I am eternally grateful for, all because of this album.  “The Beautiful Ones” in particular reminds me of the amazing women in my life and how we all cherished this song, singing it in our own off tune voices with each other when we were all here together and close to one another.  “I Would Die 4 U” and “Baby I’m a Star” were mine! All mine… with my stereo and Boss (not Bose…BOSS) thumping speakers, I’d tornado dance my way all around every home I’ve ever lived in as if I was transported into another dimension. With each song that ended, I knew the oncoming song about to play as I stood in my living room readying my body and voice for it.  This album even played part in a vicious preteen sister fight I had with her when it got ripped off the turntable in mid play thereby triggering an extreme vengeful eruption on my part, “HOW DARE U, YOU’RE (BLEEPING) DEAD!”  That story is still told to this day.  I knew every word, every yell, and every glorious moan my man Prince let out into that lucky microphone.  “Purple Rain” the song… well there are just no proper words to describe the feelings upon hearing that very first strum from this song and everything that follows it… still today.  It is extraordinarily difficult to listen now, these songs brought life and love inside me that’s hard to explain, but now that has changed.

My other favorite album is his ultimate musical album – “The Invisible Album.”  The one he had inside his own heart for us, the one that connected us in Love to him, that he was never quite capable of penning here in this earthly realm, I believe even he knew that.  It is that album that we’ve all compiled of him, his music and his life within our hearts and minds.  It is the penultimate unwritten Prince album- a never-ending one.  The one we’ll never hear on a record, but will all hear in our own personal way.  An album that has no limit of funky beats, nasty rhythms, or soul messages… of our purpose here on earth… given to us with genuine Love, by a teensy cuter than cute guitar hungry divine musical master.


To: Prince, and in the words of a good song I love:

“I think I might’ve inhaled you I can feel you behind my eyes
You’ve gotten into my bloodstream
I can feel you flowing in me” and into my very breath,
of which I have lost such breath time and time again.
I’m so very lucky because I know that whenever eye need a dose of Love
even coupled with the pain of it,
I have a priceless gift and that all I have to do is…

© 2017 Christy Cleroux

1 comments on ““My Favorite Prince Album” – by Christy Cleroux”

  1. Absolutely beautiful how you opened up your soul to us. I could just envision you dancing across the room,,and the fight with your sister”priceless”. Thank you for sharing your deepest desires and memories of the great small man with such a huge “aura”.Most of all I want to thank Prince for bringing me a newfound purple sister. We would all rather him still be “earthbound”.But now he is free. And in the “afterworld ” of which he sang so much of. Thank you again Prince for my sister’s n brothers I have gained since you left us that day we will NEVER forget. Peace n Be Wild


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