Album Review by Luz E. Cruz

The Album I chose to write about is Parade: Soundtrack to the film Under The Cherry Moon. The reason is simple; the album that accompanied the film was created in a time where Neon colors were ruling the generation and in my perspective the album & film were attempting to transport us back to a time where everything was elevated to a sophisticated standard, where ripped jeans and hot pink sneakers had no place.

Within this album you don’t just get a 4 piece rock band; you get an orchestral ensemble that defies all genres created by the masses. My particular favorite from this composition is the extended version of Mountains. Funny side note; As I pull out of my driveway and head into my little town I start this song every time just as I lock my gate and the exact time it takes for me to drive into town is the length of this song. Did I mention I live in the Mountains? There is something serendipitous about that song and where I live that create a euphoric connection between the tangible and intangible.

This album tells a story, and Prince was one of the best story tellers of our time. In his story he plays the character Christopher Tracy; a free spirit whose only mission in life is to have fun and begins his album with the song Christopher Tracy’s Parade a fanciful song that brings to mind a whimsical summer carnival.

Without diving too much into the film plot, this album is a wonderful composition of horns, electric guitar, percussion that hasn’t been heard in what seems like decades and harmonious vocals. It is not just a mash up of songs, it is an audible journey that transports you to a scalawag’s journey into high society and who stumbles into love.

In the end however, our hero finds with love there is also pain, and inevitably our hero Christopher’s love and freedom extinguish in one sad and entrancing song: Sometimes It Snows In April. Since his passing I have not been able to listen to this one song, because it hits too close to home. However it is exquisite in its own right and captures the emotion of the moment so perfectly one cannot help feel the power of his surrender.

I hope I have provided a good description of this album, as Kim had kindly asked if I can provide a review. This album will always have a special place in my heart.

© 2017 Luz E. Cruz

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