“My ‘Favorite’ Prince Album” – by Dana Larson

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In a brief conversation the other day, Kim asked me to consider writing a Favorite Prince Album review, no pressure.

No pressure?  LOL Maybe if this was a simple question like, could you donate your kidney to me?  I would have been able to answer more confidently.  I said yes, I would do it (What?!)  Well, I wasn’t even sure why, but when she asked me an album title popped into my head, I could actually SEE it.  That one? Really? Since it was such an instant thought, I figured there was a reason. There had to be a reason…so here goes:

Let me let you all into my world, just slightly.  Dig if you will…sorry, I couldn’t resist.  Here we go, watch that clock spin backwards like some trippy Twilight Zone episode, way back to 1980.  You know, back to carrying those transistor radios around on your bike handles, having to be home before the streetlights come on.  I was an awkward, clumsy, overweight white girl growing up just outside of Detroit.  I was unlike most kids, I never felt like I fit in.  For some reason, I always felt most at ease closed up in my room with my radio blaring.  Ah, but the 80’s, there was good radio!  I listened to the usual suspects:  Madonna, Michael Jackson, Whitney, etc., but I always had a LOVE for the Motown sound.  Flipping stations one day, I stumbled on Controversy, it rocked my world!  Who sings this?!  Remember, no Google, nothing, you had to HOPE the DJ would say the song and artist after the song.  Finally, I got word the artist was Prince.  Okay, Prince, I got that.

Since I was the child that asked for NOTHING every time we went to the store, when I asked my mother to look at the records, she more than happily obliged.  Prince, the search was on.  I found the Controversy album and it was purchased, with only one question:  Who’s Prince?

Now, you would think that since this was the song and the album that started the addiction, that would have been the one that popped into my head.  Nope.

Fast forward to 1999, I’m full-on in-life, and not much on the internet, I think I was the last one to join the internet craze, so I lost touch with Prince.  The Vault is the last physical CD I had from him until I stumbled across Art Official Age in 2014.  I had missed a HUGE CHUNK of funkiness and didn’t even know it.  My love for him was always there, his music was always there.  He was the one who made me feel complete, worthy, lovable.  I was ‘okay’ and I thrived when I listened to him.

So, after the shock of Prince transcending, I realized there was a trove of ‘new music’ and my lust for obtaining it was overwhelming.  Thanks to so many grieving and loving fans, the sharing began.  So, when Kim asked me I was as shocked as you all are going to be when I tell you the title of the album I chose is:

3 1 2 1

Now, I’m not choosing this as my ‘favorite’ album, it’s impossible.  Even my FIRST album is not my ‘favorite.’  What I love about Prince is he has a song/album for every mood…let me tell you, I have a lot of moods.  So, in essence, they are all my favorite on different days.

So, since this album chose me, I decided to look at it a little more closely, I realized why…mostly I feel the album resonates with love.  3121 don’t you wanna come? Love of fun.  Lolita, love of youth/beauty/temptation.  Te Amo Corazon….this song drips of love.  Black Sweat, love of…ahem.   Oh, the one that quickens my pulse, Incense and Candles.

Love, Satisfied, Fury…yep, more love in every sense.

The Word…love of God.  Beautiful, Loved and Blessed, The Dance, Get on the Boat…

3121 = LOVE

All I know is this album leaves me feeling good every time I NEED it. Everyone needs love.

It’s gonna be so much fun, don’t you wanna come?


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