“He’s Always in Our Hair” – by Luz E. Cruz

OK not sure if many of you are going to get this but here goes…

This comes after a year 2 Months & 18 days of not having him here, it has been extremely hard, but I think this needs to be said in order for healing to begin.

It had been discussed prior to his passing that the seizures Prince had as a child were happening because his frequency/energy/brain function was set higher; more energized than the rest of us. Once he realized this at that tender age he tuned into that frequency/energy with music and the seizures stopped. This epiphany created the profound connection to God/Nirvana/Enlightenment. Please don’t misunderstand, I’m NOT placing him on a pedestal to be worshiped, he would not approve of that.

In every form of religion the connection was attempted to be made between this energy and our limited vocabulary. We all have a way to describe it, use your way to process this…

Prince’s fine tuning of this frequency/energy generated and released a pure, positive fucking magical energy to all who chose to receive it… The closest word in our primitive vocabulary to describe this would be Love. One of his favorite movies was The Matrix trilogy and I know this scene from Revolutions will give an understanding to much of the above verbiage better than I can ever articulate it…


He knew he had this energy, he would use it to his advantage at times, or it would become uncontrollable and cause people to kind of freak out… Anyone and everyone who has ever been near him will state the same reaction, same aura, same energy felt being around him.  He injected and infused it in his music thus becoming one with it…

That frequency, presence, energy whatever you want to call it no longer has a conductor on this plain of existence. BUT and this is important kids, the energy is still there, all you need to do is focus in on it. “How do I do that?” you ask… It’s a great and silly question that is right in front of us all:

His music…

You don’t need essential oils or fortune tellers to access this energy, you don’t need to summon him… He is more enslaved now than ever before because people cannot find it in themselves to let him go; give him his freedom

So many people seeking him out… stop giving your negative energy to him… He doesn’t deserve this… Sadness and despair are negative energies and you are directing this to him.

So he hides, he removes his presence. Many so desperately try to force it back, but you cannot force the wind to blow…

What are your intentions?

What do you want to come from this?

Where do you want this to go?

When you realize that you only want to heal your grief and that healing has been right in front of you the whole time, you will understand the Resonance of the Universe and allow him to soar within that sonic vibration that naturally draws him to where HE wants to be.

Those of you who are upset with him and/or the circumstance, know that he’s got this, always has and it’s now time to send those positive vibes out into the universe instead of directing those negative vibes to each other.

Prince had this way of saying the most profound truths using so little vocabulary, I’ll just leave this right here


2 thoughts on ““He’s Always in Our Hair” – by Luz E. Cruz

  1. Rest my sweet Prince, we will love you and your music until the end of time!! God Bless your Family and your dearest friends forever!! FOREVER IN MY LIFE ….. LOVE4ONEANOTHER……


  2. Thank you for your musical contributions and legacy and for being you! You will never be forgotten, there will never be another artist, person like you! God bless you, your family and friends! PIP My Sweet Prince!! #Prince4ever💜💜💜


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