“My Favourite Prince Album” – by Helen John

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So what’s your favourite Prince album?  A question often asked and one that’s almost impossible to answer.  It’s kind of like asking me to pick a favourite child. Obviously, I couldn’t as I love them equally.  Do I love all Prince albums equally? Hmmm… probably not, but do I have a definitive favourite? I’d probably say “Sign ‘O’ the Times.” I love that album.  Or maybe “Purple Rain.” Love that too.. but then who doesn’t? “Controversy?”  “Chaos & Disorder?” “Emancipation?”  “Come?” “Rave Un2?” “Musicology?” “Art Official Age?” No wait, it’s “1999?” Aaaarggh…please don’t make me choose.

There is one album, however, that I play more than any other I own.  Spellbound at the first few notes…the haunting piano, spine tingling falsetto, and his fantasy-inducing speaking voice. Immediately I knew I was going to get exactly what was promised in its title: “One Nite Alone”… with Prince. I couldn’t stop listening, so I listened again and again. If I close my eyes, I’m right there with him as he sings to only me. I see those beautiful hands caressing the keys, melodious magic flowing from his fingertips. His voice so smooth, sensual, hypnotic, each and every word reaching out and touching my very soul. My own private joy!

I never imagined I would love something more than Prince and his guitar, until the day I got to experience these 35 glorious minutes of heaven right ‘Here on Earth’ with Prince and his piano. He’s guided me through the minefield of divorce, lifted me as I grieved the loss of my mother, and picked me up when I have fallen. He’s taught me to ‘Have a Heart’, that ‘Objects in the Mirror’ are closer than they appear, and I have walked with him through the ‘Arboretum’ countless times. On ‘that day,’ 21st April 2016, I cried myself to sleep listening to this album and have continued to do so every single night since. I have drunk a case of him, and I’m still on my feet. I don’t always cry anymore but I still listen.

So lets rephrase the question, what Prince album could I not live without? Ha that’s easy, One Nite Alone.. solo piano and voice. 💜


© 2017 Helen John

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