“My Favorite Prince Album” – by Nick Garcia

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Well, many people – as far as true Prince fans – 9 out 10 say “Sign of the Times.” And really, it’s always been my fave. But as I now go thru life without our Prince, and go to events now without our Prince there, I reflect on why I’m here. Why am I such a fan? What made me like this dude so much? Most of my family and friends think I’m nuts! “Why u like prince so much,” they say…

My answer changes from my favorite album being “Sign of the Times” to “1999.” Why? Well it’s like this: yes, there’s better albums than “1999,” and it’s really hard to really say anything bad about any album that Prince put out. There’s no bad, it’s all good. But I’ll say “1999,” ‘cause this what brought me to Prince.

I was 10 years old. We had the real MTV back in the day. “1999” was the first video I saw. Weird thing was – not that I thought too much about Prince himself – honestly, what caught my eye was Lisa and the other girl playing keys double handed. I thought that was neat. And since MTV played it several times daily, I caught on to other things. The lights, the pole, and Prince’s timing on getting to the mic when it was his part to sing. After seeing it repeatedly, all those things set into my mind. The mind of a of a ten-year-old.

I had a childhood friend over one day, and the video was on. He said, “Hey, that dude is cool. Have you seen ‘Little Red Corvette’?” I replied no. He said, “It’s a cool song. My older brother says he’s talking about his private part.” I laughed. One day, I finally saw this video to LRC. Ten years old, didn’t get the private part yet. But anyway, I paid more attention to Prince himself. The way he danced, his jacket. It’s was starting to get cool.

One weekend, my buddy stayed over, and MTV had a series of Prince videos playing. I remembered seeing “Controversy,” “Sexuality,” and what caught my eye, “Automatic.” Here’s this dude, standing in a sexy-type pose, wearing heels (which I think I finally noticed for the first time) wearing a police hat, wearing tight pants, and – sounds weird for a man/boy to say this – just looking super cool. The smoke, the lights. Man, I was really liking this dude. So let’s say a ten-year-old, was kinda forgetting about “Star Wars.” Lol

I had a cousin that was dating a guy around that same time. And back then, I hung out a lot with my aunt. (Back in those days, it was cool to hang with aunts and uncles. What happened to those days? lol.) But anyways… I’m riding in my cousin’s boyfriend’s car, and he’s playing “DMSR.” I said, “Who r u playing?” He says Prince. I’m like, “Dude, he’s cool! I love “Automatic.” He turns around and looks at me, like “really?!” He was surprised.

So it was on from there, and I got my cassette tape. “1999.” So tapes were in, Star Wars was out (figurines anyways.) It’s approaching the holidays, and my cousin announces wedding plans. Apparently, my cousin’s boyfriend’s relative lives in Houston, and has a bridal store. So plans are to go down there. Well, the issue of Prince comes up, and he’s on tour, and guess what? He’s gonna be in Houston! Long story short, I see Prince for the first time at 10. I was just hooked. Everything you would see in videos, was just 100 times better live. Only thing I hated, the crowd smelled weird, smoking funny stuff. Lol

So with that said, it took over my life. I remember back tracking, bought “Controversy”, and “Dirty Mind.” Really liked Dirty Mind… Then came “Purple Rain.” On and on. “Prince” and “For You” I really didn’t get into till after “Parade.” Don’t know why, guess the album covers had something to do with it. So I guess I’ll stick with “1999” – though all of it was great. A man that had rising stages, elevated bathtubs, Thunderbirds rolling out, basketball hoops on stage, and filled arena – and could do the same with just a piano and a mic. 😎(+>


© 2017 Nick Garcia

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