“Dishonesty or Delusion? – My Thoughts on Londell McMillan’s Involvement with the Estate” ~ by Kim Rodman

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This motherfu%&er.  Those two words have become ingrained in my consciousness.  I was once an avid supporter of Londell McMillan, as I felt that he would do the right thing(s) regarding Prince’s legacy.  It seems that I couldn’t have been more wrong.  I am usually a fairly decent judge of character but I was way off the mark here.  It is difficult for me to admit when I am wrong about things like this, but there it is.  He had me snowed for a while and I am kicking myself in the ass for not taking him to task like I should have.


Issue # 1:  The Barclay’s Lawsuit

It was brought to my attention several months ago that Londell McMillan had a judgment against him that was still outstanding.  Everyone has hardships, and things happen to us that are sometimes beyond our control, so I thought he deserved the benefit of the doubt in this situation.  However, the more I read, the more concerned I became.  Other defendants settled; McMillan filed a counter-suit (which was dismissed) – nothing out of the ordinary in a case like this.  That is, until you read what one judge said:

“McMillan was ‘at times unwilling to accept what was plain on the face of documents and seemed to me to have convinced himself of a version of events which was inconsistent with the contemporaneous record,’ Judge Popplewell said in a written ruling.”[1]

That’s a pretty strong statement – and more than a bit disconcerting.  This motherfu%&er.


Issue # 2:  UMG

McMillan was directly involved in the UMG deal which now seems to be in big trouble.  UMG accuses him (and Charles Koppelman) of misrepresenting the terms of the Warner Brothers deal, thereby leaving UMG without a good piece of what it thought it had paid for.  Variety Magazine reports, “One source tells Variety that the complex terms of the 2014 [Warner Brothers] deal would be easy to misrepresent if read quickly or cursorily.”  Indeed.  The words are due diligence and obviously not exercised here.

Oh, yeah, and McMillan drew a 10% commission on the deal[2].  This motherfu%&er.


Issue # 3:  Jobu

Now we have the new allegations by Jobu Presents.  The term “misrepresent” is being thrown around yet again.  In an affidavit sworn by Vaughn Millette,[3] CEO of Jobu Presents, McMillan and Koppelman are accused of, among other things, attempting to portray Paisley Park as a charity (it is actually a for-profit business) and stating that certain performers for the Tribute had been booked when, in actuality, they had not.  When Jobu ultimately backed out, McMillan promoted the show with Randy Levy.

Don’t misunderstand:  the issue is not whether the Tribute was successful.  The fams who attended seem to have been pleased overall.  The issue is the idea of misrepresentation.

Oh, yeah, in addition to his commission as promoter of the Tribute, McMillan received a commission on the initial Jobu deal, too.[4]  This motherfu%&er.


Issue # 4:  Incessant Tweeting

McMillan’s inability to sit on his hands is nothing short of remarkable.  This dude tweets more than Donald Trump.  Even when litigation is pending, he can’t seem to help himself.  His tweets are sometimes cryptic, but they often allude to the goings-on in the estate case.  “I had to jump back in legacy of #Prince to defend him in death b/c his legacy also represents my very own. That is a fact of history!”[5] Really!?  How so, exactly!?  I ain’t buyin’ it.

We are talking about PRINCE here.  A person with a firm grip on reality would recognize that anything pertaining to Prince would face intense public scrutiny and that that same public would hold anyone and everyone involved to a much higher ethical standard than in any “regular” case.  Shame on him for half-assing the things he’s supposed to be doing in Prince’s name and turning a profit doing it.  This motherfu%&er.


Of all the players in this convoluted mess, quite obviously Londell McMillan is the one who has disappointed me most.   Representing Prince when he did, he had to be fully aware of the sensitivities involved with the estate, the music, and The Maestro’s legacy.  He claimed to be a friend.  He claimed to be an advocate.  I see no real evidence that he has been either.  In my opinion, he has disregarded any moral or ethical considerations and is only concerned with prestige — and profit.

McMillan seems to be pretty adept at slipping out of sticky situations.  Serpents have a way of doing that, I suppose.  He goes on and on about “truth.” Truth?  Sure, let’s have it.  And not the Teflondell version, either.  Fact-based, real.  THE TRUTH:  the very thing that Londell McMillan wouldn’t recognize if it bit him on the ass.

This motherfu%&er.


[1] https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-06-09/barclays-wins-dewey-loan-case-against-michael-jackson-lawyer

[2] http://variety.com/2017/music/news/prince-recorded-music-universal-music-group-warner-bros-records-1202031182/

[3] http://www.mncourts.gov/mncourtsgov/media/CIOMediaLibrary/Documents/Affidavit-of-Vaughn-Millette.pdf

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[5] http://www.thewrap.com/prince-absolutely-should-have-had-a-will-singers-lawyer-says/


© 2017 Kim Rodman

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