Month: April 2017

“Dishonesty or Delusion? – My Thoughts on Londell McMillan’s Involvement with the Estate” ~ by Kim Rodman

This motherfu%&er.  Those two words have become ingrained in my consciousness.  I was once an avid supporter of Londell McMillan, as I felt that he would do the right thing(s) regarding Prince’s legacy.  It seems that I couldn’t have been more wrong.  I am usually a fairly decent judge of character but I was way

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“Sonnet of the Sculptor – a tribute in verse to the Life and Legacy of Prince Rogers Nelson” – by Tracy Jones

It once pleased the Lord to forge and create a Sculptor, hands second only to His own; an artist whose art was tied fast to his fate, a maker, a fashioner, a worker in stone. In coldness this babe of a strangeness astounding grew seeking a teacher and arms to embrace. All he found was

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