Tribute by Christy Cleroux

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Hello to all of U, it’s been hard to put down in words and pour out my heart… of my feelings I have had for this man, but here is my Tribute as best as I can.

“Prince”??…Man was I in desperate Love with him and everything he was…and still is. Perfect sights & sounds he’d deliver throughout his entire purple life. His pure & undying Love for music, people, and the world was truly one of a kind. He was funky & passionate in all things he did… mesmerizing me with his eyes, his voice, his guitar, his every little thing. He gave me a lust 4 life from when I was a young girl, an extraordinary Love of dance and Music that I will always celebrate. He made me want to pursue Love and Joy in all ways no matter what life threw at me.

And even in the aftermath of his heartshattering death… He continued to bring me many things to be thankful for… A divine human connection to new friends, that I care very much about. An awakening of art and creativity I once excelled at…that had lied dormant for a long time. Prince was able to invite a stronger sense of self, faith and Love within me… and so many people all around the world. From the very first sight and sound of Prince in a music video, He was the most exceptional person I’d ever seen or heard.

I feel even if Prince…hadn’t been the monumental icon that he was… I would have connected with him regardless…and he would have still had the same unstoppable and profound affect on me. He has and always will inspire me in so many avenues of my life with his Music and who he was. And so I felt compelled and honored to create this group back in June ‘2016 which has grown and become a special journey for us. He gave us so much of Himself and I am proud and excited to take that with me in the afterlife that Prince sang so famously of and believed in.

*April 7th, 1985 in Miami, FL @ 12 years old…I attended the Prince & The Revolution {Purple Rain} concert. My most unforgettable memory ever and the beginning of my special Love for him.

*April 21st, 2016…Unexplainable heart.

Thank U and Eye Love U Prince.



© 2016 Christy Cleroux

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