“Comes Love” by Tracy Jones

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Comes a birth, a beginning?

a genesis?  an illusion

Comes the instilling of the


We’ll teach the birds they

cannot fly

and to embrace the lie of a

limited sky

We’ll feed the souls, so much

older than we

a potent poison of “reality’

“Believe what you see!

Believe what we say!”

…as if we were so much wiser than they


Comes a teacher, then, to

pierce the veil

comes a healer, then, a wind

to the sail

comes an angel, then, a

sword, a dove

sits inside, amid, among, not


comes a One, comes a

Seven, comes truth, comes


comes a vessel filled with

unquenchable light


comes a cry, comes beauty,

comes the memory of

all that is to be

comes love

comes love




© 2016 Tracy Jones


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