About Us

Our Mission

Prince Rogers Nelson was arguably the finest musical virtuoso in history.  His art transcended the boundaries of race and faith and affected millions of people from all cultural and socioeconomic groups.  His advocacy for artists’ rights, especially those of songwriters and musicians, is unparalleled and has forever changed the music industry.  Prince’s impassioned mission has inspired and empowered artists worldwide as they now embrace the unprecedented idea that an artist can and should maintain ownership and control of his work. 

Purple OutCry is a global network of Prince Friends and supporters who have united and continue to unify in a common goal: the vigorous protection of Prince’s artistic legacy and the fervent promotion of his strongly-held belief that artists can be, and should be, the owners of the work they create. 

It is our goal that the Maestro’s writings, recordings, musical vault, and Paisley Park, his beloved residence and workspace, be protected from alteration, manipulation, and/or unseemly modification.  The unaltered recordings of his music must be shielded in order to ensure that his legacy is intact for future generations; the work of this great master must be protected for posterity. 

We at Purple OutCry believe that the responsibility to further the Maestro’s mission of artistic advocacy is now in the hands of his Friends; that it is our charge to ensure that artists are educated with regard to their rights and that they have access to the resources they need to maintain ownership and control of their creations.  

We ask for your support as we endeavor to ensure that Prince’s art, including the Paisley Park compound, be protected from alteration or detrimental manipulation in order that the Maestro’s work be preserved in its original state for all future generations.  We ask for your assistance in furthering Prince’s mission of advocacy so that artists may continue to learn and benefit from his remarkable foresight and his unparalleled dedication.   

We thank you for your attention and support and welcome your input as we continue our mission to preserve for posterity the monumental legacy of The Maestro, Prince Rogers Nelson.